torsdag 28. juni 2012

Ariel and Snow Lady

This drawing with the little mermaid Ariel and a snow lady in a winter landscape was deleted from dA today, June 28th 2012, a few days after I placed it in so called storage, where no ordinary dA user could see it. It had been on dA for about seven months and had around 200 dA faves.

There is little doubt it was deleted as a personal revenge, from a immature dA "administrator" asshole who calls himself "Realitysquared" (aka Daniel Sowers Jr.)

"Merry Xmas" was the Christmas Card version with Ariel. It is now was my only Ariel-drawing that has had not yet been deleted from dA. For the moment, it is in storage, while I try to decide what further modifications could be done to make it tolerable to Taliban, sorry, DeviantArt. However, this day's experience tells it may be deleted directly from storage at any moment, depending on the current mode of dA's idiot administrators.

UPDATE: In the beginning of October 2012, some evil, hysterical idiot found even this drawing too hot for dA, and deleted it, after being on dA for about two years, along with a line drawing scrap of the same motive, plus yet another mermaid drawing.

That happened several month after I had been banned from dA (making it very difficult to find any of my drawings anyway), as a consequence of trying to protest against its ridiculous and brutal censorship.

Could there be any reason not to hate that fucking site's psychopathic staff members?

My original line art drawing. Sometime during authum 2012, dA removed even this version.

My drawings on dA had the text signature "", but here I've changed it to blogspot, as my deviantart account has been banned.

Biggest joke in the World: American freedom.

OK, I admit, there are some freedom. You're free to buy handguns and shoot people. Paradise on Earth.

lørdag 16. juni 2012

Ariel as a Child

Original pencil drawing (but the the last version added to DA), semi-hidden in the section "scraps". So far, it has not drawn much attention, which may explain why it's still on display.
Also, any written connection to Disney's Little Mermaid has been avoided, and without colours, there is only an approximate similarity with Ariel.

Deleted by so called dA staff on October 4th 2012, along with two other mermaid drawings. 

Uploaded, stayed for a few days, deleted by some DA ayatollah, who of course could never tolerate such terrible sinful and dirty drawing. Same procedure...

Some silly hair covering roughly added to make my drawing more tolerable.It's still on display on DA, but today, nothing seems guaranteed.

Today (June 28th 2012), even this one was deleted, after one and a half year on display! By the dA dickhead administrator called Realitysquared. A few days AFTER I had placed the drawing in "storage", where no one could see or report it.
The last time i checked, the drawing had 260-270 faves, close to 10.000 views and tons of positive comments. No one had ever complained. Then suddenly this little dA shit decided to be a big shit.

Reason? The day before, I had complained to dA that two other of my Ariel drawing were deleted, but was of course rejected by this "Realitysquared" moron. So I "reported" one of HIS illustrations (a shitty image showing a baby with an octopus tentacle through his/her eye!)
As mentioned, dA's reaction was sad and evil, but quite interesting, revealing a remarkable degree of non-professionalism by the sites so called "staff".

The disgusting illustration with the dead baby head was of course not deleted. After all, it belongs to a dA staff member.

PNG version with transparent background (only published here on blogspot).

torsdag 14. juni 2012

Even censored Ariel pics are too much for dA's evil idiots

There was no point to upload this topless drawing of Ariel to DeviantArt, knowing for sure that its hysterical censors would delete it at the first possible moment.

Instead, I uploaded this. Same half nude Little Mermaid drawing, but without any text connections to Disney's Ariel.
Anyway, it was deleted by dA within a few days.

A line drawing (not shown here) with a similar motive was also deleted by dA sometime during summer 2012, after about half a year on display. One could only assume that one was showing the Ariel character. Reason more than good enough for dA to perform a summaric execution.

So I replaced it with this censored version, mistakenly assuming it would last. Athough Ariel has removed her signature clamshell bra, her naked breast are covered.
Yet, after half a year, dA deleted even this one, too. Americans are obviously completely unable to bear "nudity" even at this level.

Although relatively innocent, the drawings now only remain here at blogspot, and at some more or less obscure places like and (in fact, I don't know even who reposted them) and some other places where someone has reposted them. 

Could someone please hurry up and blow up that middle aged, totalitarian dA headquarter straight to Hell, where it belongs?! Shouldn't be any moral issues doing so. After all, that's just the good old American way of teaching less developed cultures freedom and democracy.